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Building Your Grant Request

Individual grants typically take the form of partial payments, usually in the $1,000 to $6,000 range and are made directly to the AWSNA/WECAN member institution or program on behalf of the applicant.

When funds allow, we may consider granting some support with travel expenses to/from the training center; however, we do not fund living expenses.

Be certain that the training center to which you are applying holds a “Full Member” status with AWSNA/WECAN.

Include with your application:

• Valid email and mailing address where you can be reached (responses are usually emailed in late February or early March)

• A biographical sketch stating your education, any connection to Waldorf Education and your previous life and
   work experience

• Three letters of reference, personal and professional

• Specify the amount you are requesting and the intended use of such a grant

• Describe the benefits to be realized as a result of the requested grant to a particular Waldorf School or to Waldorf Education
   as a whole

• Other funding sources

• Information about specific dates funding is necessary (summer workshops, conferences, courses, etc.)

• Most recent IRS forms including W-2, family budget. etc.

Our deadline for receiving grant application is February 1.
Are you ready to fill out the application?
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